A huge swimming pool is available, full of entertainment and good vibes, where everyone will find something pleasant to do. The pool is surrounded by panoramic windows that overlook the picturesque banks of the Nemunas River. Nearby, there is an artificial hill with a cave, a large waterfall and water cascades for those who want to experience a good shoulder and back massage. At the top of the hill lie whirlpool baths, offering wonderful sensations and splendid views of the entire Aqua Park area.

The large palm trees only add to the holiday environment. The pool is equipped with currents of various strengths and frequencies, designed to massage the aching areas of your body, relax tense muscles, activate blood circulation, reduce cellulite and rejuvenate your body. Fans of height and endurance challenges can try climbing a cliff or going through the ring path – if you get tired, you’ll be in for a good splash into the water.


Have you been dreaming of a holiday by the sea? You can find a warm, wavy sea right here – in our sea-wave pool. With three different levels of height and frequency, these waves will make you feel like you’re in a real sea, only it’s warmer and more fun. Adrenalin seekers can jump into the waves by themselves, while those who want a gentler pleasure can use our special tyres. The depth of the pool is 1.5 m, wave height is 1.5 m and the wave duration is 15 min. We recommend that the sea-wave pool only be used by those who are good swimmers.


Do you like water flowing around you? Feel the power of a river and challenge yourself to face the torrents. The strongest athletes can try swimming upstream, while those who like a simpler swims can let the current take them along the river at a speed of 1.2 m/s. The river is 1.4 m deep and 75 m long. We recommend this torrential pleasure only for good swimmers.


Endless relaxation and a feeling of lightness are on offer for anyone who decides to immerse themselves in the warm whirlpool of gentle air bubbles and massaging currents. There are plenty of whirlpools here. Let go of all your worries – indulge in the soothing power of the warm water, relax and enjoy some long moments of happiness. Whirlpool baths have a very positive effect on the human body – within 10 to 15 minutes, they will relax tense muscles, activate the blood circulation and calm your neural system. Try a whirlpool bath if you are having trouble sleeping, or if you suffer from joint or back pain, tension or stress.

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From 8 April to 30 June 2024 Snow Arena will be closed for technical maintenance. See you in July!