The body absorbs warmth and various materials best when it is not restricted by swimwear, so we invite you to relax and enjoy the sauna programmes naked.

In the private AMBER baths, you can order honey, a body scrub with birch extract and face masks, as well as whole-body chocolate and seaweed masks. In these baths you will be alone, so no one will distract you from your relaxation.

In the TILIA sauna, you can get bath brooms made from birch or oak, and order an individual therapy session.

From September, on weekdays, not all baths are open at the same time.

Bathhouse programmes

12.00 – GRANDE (scents)*

13.00 – SENTO (scents)

14.00 – ALKA (scents)*

14.30 – ARTEMIDA (face masks)*

15.00 – ALKA (lambaste, 1 person – 5 €)*

15.30 – AIDA (scrub)

16.00 – KANTRI (extreme)*

17.30 – AIDA (scrub)*

17.30 – ALKA (scents)

18.30 – KANTRI (extreme)

19.00 – ARTEMIDA (face masks)

19.00 – ALKA (lambaste, 1 person – 5 €)

20.30 – AIDA (honey)

21.00 – ALKA (lambaste, 1 person – 5 €)**

* only VI, VII and holidays

** only V, VI

AMBER bath programmes

Honey is a naturally wonderful product that nourishes, moistens, rejuvenates and tones the skin. A honey massage warms up the tissues, activates the blood flow, relaxes muscles, facilitates a faster supply of oxygen to the tissues and ensures a quicker removal of toxic materials from the body. Honey cleans both the skin pores and the deeper skin layers. 

Duration: 15 min.; Price €5 / 1 person, €8 / 2 persons, €9 / 3 persons, €11 / 4 persons



This scrub cleanses and relaxes your skin, ensuring natural skin protection.

Duration: 15 min.; Price €5 / 1 person, €8 / 2 persons, €9 / 3 persons, €11 / 4 persons



Comprised of kaolin, talc, birch extract and honey, the face mask improves your bloodstream, tones and nourishes the facial skin, and absorbs any excess oil. After the procedure your skin feels pure and smooth.

Duration: 25 min.; Price €5 / 1 person, €8 / 2 persons, €9 / 3 persons, €11 / 4 persons



Seaweed contains iodine which effectively fights cellulite. This body mask enriches your skin with minerals, recovers the balance of oligo-elements, removes any accumulated toxins and relaxes your body.

Duration: 35 min. Price of the seaweed mask: €7



The smell of chocolate affects the central neural system in a positive manner, reducing fatigue and improving your mood. This procedure helps to restore the body lines and heals the ‘orange’ areas of the skin, as well as nourishing, regenerating, moistening and softening your skin.

Duration: 35 min. Price of the whole-body chocolate mask: €12



Containing natural mud, rose oil, blueberry tincture, geranium oil and rose petals, this mask softens and relaxes the skin, as well as saturating it with minerals, soothing painful and inflammatory areas, restoring the proper transmission of nerve impulses and helping to stimulate lymph movement. The contact between the body tissues and dirt stimulates the process of detoxification.
Duration: 35 min. Price of the natural mud mask with rose oil: €9

TILIA sauna programmes

A birch broom releases volatile substances while having anti-inflammatory, sweat-driving and antimicrobial properties. This kind of broom cleans the skin perfectly, calms the neural system, and soothes any pain in the waist and joint areas. A birch broom is a good agent against respiratory diseases. Such a whipping process is also recommended for those who have just given up smoking, as well as for those who suffer from asthma. For the best effect, use two bath brooms at a time.

Duration: 20 min. Price per bath broom: 7 €



An oaken broom has a positive effect on the skin, as it cleans the pores by removing sebum from them. It has an antibacterial effect and makes oily skin more elastic. Whipping with this broom is recommended for those who suffer from hypertonic diseases, as its aroma prevents increased blood pressure. Do not use an oaken broom if you feel weak or sick, or if your skin is dry. For the best effect, use two bath brooms at a time.

Duration: 20 min. Price per bath broom: 7 €



Order an individual whipping session to be performed by a professional bathhouse staff member. You can choose either birch or oak brooms.

Duration: 25 min. Price per person: 35 € (the price includes 4 bath brooms and the services of our bathhouse staff)



At the Aqua Park, a group of people (11+) can book the following bathhouse programmes in the bathhouse area:

  • KANTRI bathhouse (extreme)
  • GRANDE bathhouse (scented)
  • STEAM BATHHOUSES (scrub, honey, face masks)

Price: 2 € per person

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