Small but important details for your perfect vacation: a rental point for necessary items and a store of fond memories.
Lease point

Lease point. To protect visitors from small worries, we invite you to use the services of a rental point. Here you can buy all the necessary bathing accessories, rent towels, bathrobes and other necessary items. Renting towels, bathrobes and other items will make your day easier without worrying about carrying, washing and drying them.

Souvenir shop

Stop by and buy a piece at the holiday gift shop. Here you will find the necessary accessories for water entertainment, the attributes of the Aqua Center and cute artifacts that make the city of Druskininkai famous, which will remind you of pleasant moments and delight your loved ones.

Gift voucher

Select a voucher which you can use within 12 months

Gift voucher
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From 8 April to 30 June 2024 Snow Arena will be closed for technical maintenance. See you in July!