Spa center EAST ISLAND
East Island SPA

At EAST ISLAND SPA, you can try massages from as many as four oriental cultures performed by experienced massage masters from Cambodia, Bali, India, and Thailand.

At EAST ISLAND SPA, you will find yourself in a true oasis of oriental sensations - from the first moment to the last, you will feel comfortable and cosy, while enjoying the highest quality authentic services.

EAST ISLAND SPA - True Oasis of Oriental Sensations.

True - everything you'll find here is authentic and true: professional massage therapists from their countries, authentic interiors, specially composed original music, only the highest quality natural products, and many other details.

Oriental - since time immemorial, Europeans have been fascinated and attracted by the East for its exotica, culture, customs and doctrines that are radically different from our own. That is why we have made sure that the East comes to us and brings harmony to our hectic daily lives.

Sensory - both rest and taking care of your body are important for a good quality of life, and it's important to pamper yourself and get enough rest after a busy day schedule.

The Oasis - is a kind of embassy of oriental spa in our northern land, and we do care that each of you individually experience the harmony of the Orient.


Massages by Cambodian masters

Massages by Balinese masters

Massages by Indian masters

Massages by Thai masters

Traditional massages

Spa packages for one and two

SPA body treatments

Cosmetic facial treatments

EAST ISLAND SPA opening hours

Monday to Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The EAST ISLAND SPA can be accessed directly from the sauna area of the water park (NOTE! Water park time will not be counted while you are enjoying the spa). You can also access the EAST ISLAND SPA by going up to the 1st floor (without entering the water park).


+370 670 00444 or

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